Introduction / About

I am Jason, the founder of this group whose inception began in 2010 after at the time experiencing eight years of life without watching commercial television. I had noticed a feeling of nervous upset every time I would coincidentally pass a TV with commercial programming. I had and still find TV disturbing to my nerves. It feels like both a sharp piercing voice and seductive feeling into submission leading me with a sense of great repulse to my nervous system.

I started sharing that experience with friends and their connections and in the summer of 2016 I came across some rather disturbing patents commissioned by the DoD on ways to use television to induce a nervous system response inducing emotions unaware to the viewer.

I then began to wonder whether a person's brain can be rewired from the consumption of such stimuli especially with associated imagery on a subconscious and subliminal level. Through the recent years of getting this project together I have found support from folks that choose to remain anonymous that have commissions from DoD and other inventor type friends that have opened up to the possibility of this societal intrusion, with their help in recommending what hardware to get and what methods I should partake in the study and this project as a whole.

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