Active Research

Active Research includes studies currently being conducted.

#Methods for TV / ELF study:

TV Study Method and Scripts

This study makes use of a number of software and hardware tools to collect and process data. The tools used are separated by phase of study:

  1. Identification of unique sub and above audible range that have been documented in published patents to exhibit nervous system response:1. Debian Linux box.
  2. ATSC with record function for the collection of TV programming samples over the digital airwaves.
  3. SoX used with scripts for looking below 20hz and below 100Hz.
  4. Gummi LaTex editor for transcribing in TeX format then to PDF.
  5. ffmpeg for conversion of media as well as frequency band high and low pass, before using with SoX.
  6. Identification of correlation between audio and placebo audio (below and above audio removed) with frontal lobe EEG data:1. GNUplot for charting of the collected EEG data.
  7. MUSE EEG headset.
  8. Android Software: Mind Monitor, for connected EEG band to Android phone via bluetooth for real time data collection from 4 probes of the frontal lobe.

Scripts so far:

  1. Draft of script to render audio data to FFT charts using the -spectrogram function of SoX:
ffmpeg -i $1 $1.wav
sox $1 -S -m spectrogram -y 400 -X 24 -m -o $1full.png

Random selected 5 channel sample from ATSC device capture of digital airwaves:

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