Identification Methods of Exotic Abuse:

Generally a transmission may be flagged for study if the transmission does not solely transmit a message of communication. The transmission maybe a continuous tone, a repeated rhythm of tone or a message that is transmitted with a carrier tone used for subliminal or unhealthy purposes with or without associative programming with the communicated message. If the transmission over mediums does not serve exclusively and only for direct and conscious communications then those transmissions need to be questioned. In order to rule out transformer radiation, multiple sites from contributors must confirm the same presence of transmission.


Questioning those frequencies and transmissions first would require filing a FOIA with the FCC to identify the agency or group responsible for those transmissions. If and once identified then that agency or group would receive our FOIA request in questioning the purpose of those transmissions. If their response is not deemed within reason among our group or the public then our group would be inclined to solicit an inde pendent research group to assess that frequency and transmission its short term and long term effect on the human nervous system.

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